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Our company is known for dealing with almost every type of machinery scraps. We at HYBRID WASTE  buy and sell numerous types of machinery scraps.

Old and waste scrap machinery parts have several important and reusable metals and other components that can be recycled very easily. If you want to buy old machinery scrap parts then we have a huge gathering of machinery scraps for you that you can choose and buy.

Machinery scrap materials 

Any machines or their parts that have been discarded or excluded from use but still have monetary value and can be recycled are called machinery scrap materials. Machines which are excluded from use can be recycled and reused.

Many machine manufacturing companies and organisations buy scrap machinery from us. Almost all metals of any machine are Recyclable and reusable. Aluminium, copper, brass and bronze, cast iron, steel, tin etc. are some of the very popular scrap materials in any machinery that can be useful and recyclable very easily.

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